I’m a writer, editor and podcaster originally from the South West of England and currently living in Amsterdam. I work as an editor at Failed Architecture, host the Failed Architecture Podcast, and work closely with the Amsterdam-based design platform fanfare, mainly as co-host of fanfare tetatet. I also teach architectural theory, mainly at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, the Academie van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam and Fontys Tilburg.
Current work
(2014) Editor, Failed Architecture (FA)
(2016) Trend Commentator, Cultural Streetscapes, Kantar Consulting
(2018) Host, Failed Architecture Podcast
(2019) Theory teacher at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Academie van Bouwkunst, Amsterdam, and Fontys Tilburg
Guest Teaching
(2022) “Media Content Production” workshop at Fontys Tilburg
(2021) “Podcasting Architecture” seminar New Architecture Writers programme in London 
(2020) Theory seminar series for “Prototyping Future Cities” Masters, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
(2020) “Podcasting Architecture” seminar, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London
(2018) Writing workshop, Social Design Masters, Design Academy Eindhoven
(2018) “Urban Intensity” Colloquium, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Selected writing and audio
(2021) “What a 19C Pastry Chef Can Tell us About Architecture’s Crisis of Values,” Failed Architecture (forthcoming)
(2021) “Resolve Collective,” fanfare tetatet (2:4)
(2021) “Design Justice w/ Quilian RianoFailed Architecture Podcast
(2021) “Introduction,” Marie-Antoine Careme and Adel Cersaque, Patisserie Pittoresque Mises en Couleur
(2021) “Heroin is Everywhere Now and It’s Everyone’s Problem,” Failed Architecture Podcast
(2021) “Paint Your Town Red: An Interview with Rhian E. JonesFailed Architecture Podcast
(2021) “Assemble,” fanfare tetatet (2:3)
(2021) “Darknet Markets are Bringing More Kinds of Drugs to Many More Places Than Ever Before,” Failed Architecture
(2020) “Containerization,” topos (113)
(2020) “Manifold,” fanfare tetatet (2:2)
(2020) “Ayn Rand’s Libertarian Utopia Provided the Blueprint for Billionaire Doomsday Prepping,” Failed Architecture
(2020) “Slavs and Tatars,” fanfare tetatet (2:1)
(2020) “When Beyonce Seized the Louvre,” Failed Architecture Podcast
(2020) “A Different Perspective on Walkability,” topos (110)
(2019) “Architects Unionise!,” Failed Architecture Podcast
(2019) “‘Next Hype’: Taking and Making Space in the 2010 U.K. Student Protest Movement,” The Funambulist (21)
(2018) “Looking After the Nighthawks: The Night Mayor of Amsterdam Shamiro van der Geld,” topos (105)
(2018) “Speer in Qatar or: How Architects Learned to Stop Caring and Love the Client,” Failed Architecture Podcast
(2018) “City Gameplay: The Influence of Video Games on Our Urban Experience,” Failed Architecture Podcast
(2017) “Werker Collective and the Worker Photographers: Taking Back Control of the Image,” Novara Media
(2015) “Red Bologna Today,” Jacobin
Selected other projects
(2022) “Arch Work NL,” Workers Inquiry on Failed Architecture Instagram
(2021) “Architectural Workers Hotline,” Netherlands (public artwork)
(2021) “The Video Gaming Landscape,” Next Landscapes, Praha (talk)
(2021) “Fake Tour Istanbul,” Failed Architecture Situation #8, Istanbul (event)
(2021) “Swarming the Red Light District with Sound,” Failed Architecture Situation #2, Amsterdam (event)
(2021) “Swarming the Red Light District,” Failed Architecture Situation #1 Amsterdam (event)
(2019) “DREAM #2: Pleased to Meet You,” RAUM, Utrecht (talk)
(2018) Regular contributor, topos Magazine, Munich (writing)
(2018) fanfare inc. at Manifesta 12, Palermo (exhibition)
(2018) fanfare inc. at Libros Mutantes, Madrid (exhibition)
(2018) The Live Archive, ALT_CPN, Copenhagen (exhibition)
(2018) fanfare inc. at It’s a Book, Leipzig (exhibition)
(2017) fanfare tetatet (1), Amsterdam (podcast)
(2017) “Augmented Cities Panel,” Impakt Festival 2018: Algorithmic Superstructures, Utrecht (talk)
(2017) “#Keepingitreal Symposium,” Tent, Rotterdam (talk)
(2017) “Rendering Reality,” Blueprint: Whose Urban Appropriation Is This?, Tent, Rotterdam (exhibition)
(2017) “Less is More, Less is a Bore”, RIBA Late (event)

(2013) Urban Studies MSc , University College London
(2011)  Middle Eastern History MA, University of Exeter
(2008) History BA , University of Bristol